For the most part, kitchen design tends to have a certain formula it follows — upper and lower cabinets, a natural stone countertop, tile backsplash, etc. Pushing the design boundaries in the kitchen can be a bit intimidating. The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that is pretty permanent — once done it rarely changes. It’s also the most expensive room in the house to rehab; therefore, doing something atypical may seem too big of a risk? However, we spend so much time in our kitchens I really believe we should enjoy them as much as possible, and give them a bit of personality.

There are several ways to create an ‘atypical kitchen’. Some changes may be more permanent than others. The kitchens below are great examples of some of my favorite atypical kitchen ideas.



Forgo the upper cabinets


Choose different materials like concrete and raw wood


Go sleek and streamline


Create your very own French bistro


Go with open shelving


Create an Old World feel with a large hood for your cooking area


Hang shelves from the ceiling


For less of a permanent route, you could use a gorgeous paint color on your cabinets, go for oversized light fixtures to make a statement or create your very own art gallery.


Paint everything one gorgeous color


Add art


Add a piece of furniture to store your glassware, serving dishes, etc.


Bring the outdoors in by using exterior lighting in your kitchen

96921d71cfa3ac6e62f519b10c467c6d  Use a salvage door as your pantry door


Go big and use an oversize light fixture


One of my favorites at the present, this kitchen is dark & lovely. I also really like how the designer used wall sconces to give it a soft and elegant feeling.


Also, don’t neglect to look at your favorite restaurant for ideas. These days designers are doing an incredible job with restaurant design, as in the photo above at Hard Water in San Francisco.

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There is something mysterious about a dark exterior, even a bit intriguing. With a dark exterior, colors become more bold — whites become whiter and greens greener, as with the green hydrangeas above & in the chartreuse shutters below. It does take a lot of gumption to actually pull it off and there is a chance you could pick the wrong color! However, if you do feel like giving it a try, I have listed a couple of my favorites towards the end of the post. Start out with painting a couple of samples on your wall and then take a couple of days to soak it all in. If you love the look but can’t go completely dark, pair your dark exterior with a bright white trim which gives it an amazing contrast.




unnamed bee5dd507b8a


  1. Soot by Benjamin Moore
  2. Novelty Navy by Dunn Edwards
  3. Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore
  4. Deepest Sea by Dunn Edwards


Above, a sweet little cottage I rehabbed several years ago in Texas. I painted it ‘Soot’ by Benjamin Moore.


Another shot of  the color of the cottage


 If painting a whole exterior is a bit overwhelming for you but you’re really craving change, try it in one room first, as in the photo above. Next week I’m back in Texas, working on several projects and hopefully making it out to the very popular, Round Top Flea Market. Check back for a post from Round Top.

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If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper on HGTV, you know what I’m talking about when I say ‘Farmhouse Chic’. We can thank Ms. Joanna Gaines for bringing style back to the farmhouse! She’s put Waco on the map and has made Waco way cool. She knows how to do more than mix and match pillows — she puts some gorgeous houses together and inspires me to keep focused.



I have to admit that this is one of my favorite “looks” at the moment. It’s clean, fresh and has a modern feel that isn’t too cold. With a bit of white paint and some pretty antiques, a simple structure can become your very own gorgeous art gallery.





Another person who also knows how to make a farmhouse or stable look quite incredible — Ellen DeGeneres — love her home, below (+ the first and third photos in the post), in the Santa Monica Mountains.


unnamed-6 Above, 2 of my favorite books on the topic.

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Entertaining Outdoors

Enjoying a beautiful meal on the patio is something many of us love to do and with the weather finally cooling down, especially here in Southern California, I’m looking forward to spending more of my evenings outside. A photo that has been a big inspiration to me, for this very purpose, is the one below from House Beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.17.30 AM

Get the Look!

  1. Wooden Bowl
  2. Verona Ivory Flatware
  3. Pillow
  4. Outdoor Table
  5. Chandelier
  6. Tablecloth 
  7. Glassware 
  8. Candle Holders
  9. Mirror

For “Flashback Friday” I decided to dive into the archives and pull out this rehab from 2010. Although, at one time, atriums were the best thing since sliced bread, my clients and I decided to go ahead and remove it in order to enlarge the dining room.

web-4_2_1024 2




During the project when atrium was no more



Happy Friday!


With summer upon us many of us are looking for ways to freshen up our patios and make them even more enjoyable! I love all the blues in the photo above — perfect for a summer evening of entertaining.

How to get the look!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.10.20 PM

Outdoor Hampstead Painted Sofa from Pottery Barn around $1,400.00

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.17.00 PM

Hampstead Painted Rectangular Coffee Table from Pottery Barn $305.00


Alderman Arm Chair from Wayfair $300.00

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.25.11 PM

Lido Stripe Rug (9’ x 12’) from Serena & Lily, $995.00

+ all the wonderful accessories…

 The beautiful accessories listed above are from Serena & Lily.

In order to replicate the look of our inspiration photo, everything added up to around $5,000.00.

For those looking to save a little, I’ve included a couple of different options below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.28.56 AM

One more tip for freshening up your patio is to add a couple of fresh potted plants. They’re inexpensive and can be easily replaced if they go south. Happy Decorating!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.16.16 AM

Do you have an area in your garden that is just missing a little something special? A focal point to make that corner or walkway a little more interesting? By adding a piece of pottery to that area, you’ve not only created a more interesting space but also added beauty & texture. Below are some of my favorite examples.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.18.10 AM

If I’ve convinced you and you’re ready to add a piece of gorgeous pottery to your garden, I would visit your local nursery or antique store for that perfect piece. Two other resources I really like for pottery are Restoration Hardware & Eye of The Day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.21.50 AM

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